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What can you expect from online coaching?

Nutritional Coaching

From an MNU certified Nutritionist that is bespoke to you, your food preferences, your lifestyle and will educate you on how to get results whilst still consuming the foods you love. No more fad diets, no more over restriction and no more testing your willpower.

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Training Programmes

A bespoke plan of action which will give you structure, clarity on your goals and direct all your efforts in the gym to maximising results in the most efficient time possible.

Accountability and Support

Accountability and support that will hold you to a higher standard than you currently hold yourself and create a level of urgency towards achieving your goals. You won’t be left to your own devices and coaching will, through regular feedback and communication, remove all the guesswork so you can focus purely on executing what is needed. You'll finally feel confident you're doing all that is required to move towards your goals.

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Weekly Check Ins

Weekly check ins and communication to provide you with all the support and education needed to ensure continued progress and give you the greatest chance of success. This will keep you on track and solve any problems that may have stopped you from getting results previously.



Access to the DN Physique Coaching app which will include personal exercise demonstrations with voiceover instructions, educational content to improve knowledge and learning as well as other useful resources like recipes and nutritional guides.

Access to a private Facebook community group for members to share wins, ideas and help each other on their health and fitness journey.

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